About Us
We care about all life, so although are products are built to protect mankind we, through the usage of green materials also protect the rest of the planet. These values also help us to advance technology and bring our equipment into the modern world.
Future Goals
A fusion of technology and environmental protection, to make the world a better place.
Eco Elephant is committed to environmental protection and human safety. Environmental protection, just like our products, is there to make the world a better place. We combine the two by making sure that our safety products have a reduced impact on the environment and are easy to recycle.

Eco Elephant Story
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Fire extinguisher usage and design hasn’t changed for a long time. When you think of a fire extinguisher, the traditional red image comes to mind. We thought we could improve on the design, efficiency and eco-friendliness of the original outdated design, so developed our own brand of modern fire extinguisher.

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Eco Elephant Story
Core Value
Our products are built to save and improve lives. So throughout the design process we consistently take these factors into account. When a fire occurs it needs to be extinguished in the shortest amount of time possible. So to minimize injuries and loss we have developed a fire extinguisher that is much easier to use than the offerings of the past. 
  • Transparent casing: Our corrosion-resistant casing is also transparent, so you can monitor the amount of powder available to use.
  • New design: An ergonomic handle design which makes the product easier to use and transport.
  • External CO2 Gas Cylinder: Reduces the maintenance costs by cutting out the chances of dry powder build up from gas pressure inside the bottle.
  • Reduced Emissions: When compared to steel production, our plastics reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%
  • DIY Replacement: Our simple system allows the user to be able to replace both the dry powder and the CO2 gas canister.
  • Recyclability: The plastics that we use are fully recyclable.
  • Reduced Risks: The design of the gas canister eliminates the traditional problems from pressure leaks and explosions.
  • Product Durability: Our plastic injection processing technology means that our fire extinguishers are tough, resistant to corrosion, high pressure and high temperatures, which extends the longevity of the product greatly.
Our Promise
We know that our products cannot be allowed to fail at the critical moment. So testing is of upmost importance to Eco Elephant. Each product sold has passed a series of tests that include: blast, range, performance and temperature testing. Apart from the quality assurance that you get from using our products, we also offer after sales services, so that we are able to resolve any query or issue promptly. 
Eco Elephant puts your safety first.

Eco Elephant is committed to you.
Safety is our top priority and through our testing we know that our product is safe and easy to use.

Eco Elephant is the commitment for you.